Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Final Project

The boy stared at himself in the mirror as a thousand thoughts went through his head. Five good, 995 bad. He left without blinking and grabbed his skateboard, opening the front door and closing it behind him as he looks at nature. He takes a deep breath and starts to skate down the street. With a hurt look in his eyes he plays music to relax him, looking back seeing two cars that won't move again with a hand on the gear shift. Whiping away his tears he continues to skate turning his music louder. Passing a busy street with alot of people outside he looks down as he continues. Looking up seeing people look at there newspapers, whispering to one another and pointing. With eyes watering he looks back down and begins to skate faster until he ends up at a park. He sits down and begins to text a good amount of friends. 20 minutes pass, nothing. He then dials his bestfriends number, ring ring ring, no answer. As he locks his phone he questions himself if he's good enough for life, good enough for his friends, good enough for society. He pulls out a box of green cigaretts and lights one. As he questions everything with each hit, his mind is final. Dialing his bestfriend for the last time, thirty seconds pass to hear the voicemail as he hangs up the phone. He begins to skate back to his house lighting up another green cigarette. As he gets to his house he realizes it's not enough. He passes the 2 parked super cars as he opens the door, going to the mirror he last looked at for one last time. He opens the mirror and sees a syringe, without hesitating pulls out a spoon and baggie of delicate powder. Without thinking anything through he finds himself aiming the syringe towards his left arm. Gritting his teeth with pain and tears of sorrow falling down his face, he injects. Without breathing, he goes to his fathers room and grabs for under the bed to pull out a pistol. He writes something down and folds the paper written in sorrow and puts it in his jacket pocket. He pulls the trigger and his limp body falls down with a glistening pyro color liquid streaming down. In the next day police and investigators found the note that said " Nobody stopped me from doing this, I did it for my own intentions, I'm coming mom and dad.